Thursday 6 October 2011

New Version (0.32)

BitPerfect 0.32 has been released to the App Store. This version includes some new features as well as fixes for issues in previous versions.

New Features:
  • Improve handling of corrupt files (play as much as possible)
  • Add configurable maximum upsampling rate
  • Make volume slider in BitPerfect menu use a decibel scale (when possible)
  • BitPerfect volume now matches expected levels when adjusting slider in iTunes
  • Reduce occurrences of skipping and stuttering for users of optical DACs
  • Auto select default device if the preferred device is not present or hasn't been set
Minor changes and bug fixes:
  • Show menu automatically on first load
  • Uncheck "Use Maximum Device Buffer Size" by default
  • Add log message for CPU overload
  • Fix potential crash on 32-bit systems when the buffer size is too big
  • Fix distortion on certain devices (ex: EMU-0404)
  • Fix gapless playback problem on nuForce Icon HD
  • Fix attempting to upsample over the maximum supported rate (192 kHz)
  • Fix crash on complex DACs
  • Fix sample rate read incorrectly on certain files
  • Fix Integer Mode problems on certain DACs (Light Harmonic, Calyx)
Thanks to Larry from Light Harmonic for the test device that allowed me to fix Integer Mode problems on the DaVinci DAC.

Please contact me with any questions, feedback or bug reports. Enjoy!