Thursday 7 May 2015

Announcing DSD Master v1.1

After a successful first year we are finally announcing our first update to DSD Master.  This update is mainly a spin out of minor bug fixes, but it also includes a major under-the-hood revision of our DSP engine in preparation for some significant enhancements of capability.

The new DSP engine delivers a significant increase in processing speed, yet with a dramatically reduced physical and virtual memory footprint.  Conversions are even more accurate, and we now use what we term "True Analog" normalization, which ensures that our PCM conversions do not encode for implied "inter-sample peaks" which can be a problem in certain circumstances.  Improved queueing logic allows large conversion batches to be managed more efficiently.

We have eliminated a stupid bug that requires new installations of DSD Master to make a PCM conversion before it can create Hybrid-DSD files, and another bug which leaks files handles and prevents large conversion batches to be run.

Finally, there are some minor cosmetic changes, including the ability to select files for conversion via a "File | Open" dialog on the menu bar.