Tuesday 13 June 2017

FLAC Support for Mac?....

In a very interesting recent development at Apple, they have announced that the forthcoming iOS 11 will include support for the FLAC file format. This is a big climb-down for Apple who have hitherto stubbornly refused to acknowledge the utter dominance of FLAC over ALAC in the consumer audio marketplace.

Since iTunes on iOS must synch with iTunes on macOS (the new name for OSX) it then follows that there must be a matching release of macOS and iTunes that will also support FLAC. Since BitPerfect has natively supported FLAC since launch, then, assuming that Apple's implementation includes no unpleasant 'poison pills', we anticipate that BitPerfect will smoothly support FLAC playback under this new regime without the need for any special updates. However, only time will tell.