Wednesday 15 November 2017

Announcing BitPerfect v3.1.2

Today we announce the release of v3.1.2 of BitPerfect.  This is primarily a maintenance release which addresses a specific problem where BitPerfect is unable to play to AirPlay devices under macOS High Sierra (i.e. OSX 10.13).  

This is a workaround rather than a proper solution.  The workaround means that BitPerfect plays without Hog Mode when playing through an AirPlay device.  This means that other extraneous noises and sounds will be audible even when BitPerfect is in control of playback.  However, this only happens if an AirPlay device is used, and if the Operating System is 10.13 (High Sierra) or higher.  Hog Mode will continue to be engaged under all other conditions.

This release requires OSX 10.8 or higher, as will all future updates of BitPerfect until further notice.
As usual, BitPerfect v3.1.2 is a free upgrade to all existing BitPerfect users.