• I launched BitPerfect but it isn't running!
BitPerfect has a minimalist UI. There is no main window or dock icon. BitPerfect shows up only in the top bar, near the battery, volume and date/time indicators; it has an icon like a little loudspeaker cone.

  • Does BitPerfect support high-res FLAC playback?
Well, yes and no.  But mostly no.  The problem is importing FLAC files into iTunes in the first place.  Fluke used to be an option to import high-res FLAC files into iTunes.  However, Fluke does not seem to work any more under OS X 10.7 (Lion) and above - and Fluke's developer is no longer active supporting the product.  At this time there is no alternative solution.

  • I get clicking/popping noises during playback.
Try toggling the "Use Maximum Device Buffer Size" option (you may have to re-start BitPerfect afterwards).  If that doesn't work, unplug any unnecessary USB devices.  If you're still having trouble, get in touch and we'll help you out.

  • BitPerfect keeps skipping or replaying the same bit of a song.

    Try moving the iTunes Response Speed slider more to the left.  Also try quitting iTunes and BitPerfect, and re-starting iTunes first, and BitPerfect second.  If this works, then uncheck "Start iTunes on Startup".

  • Nothing happens when I play through AirPlay.

    Do you have more than one AirPlay device?  You must select the AirPlay device you want to play through in Audio Midi.  If you select it through iTunes it will not work.  It would be best to read the AirPlay section in the User Manual carefully.

  • Can BitPerfect play music from a iTunes Home Sharing library?

    No.  Apple's Home Sharing protocol is proprietary, and BitPerfect cannot access it.

  • BitPerfect skips or stutters when importing music into iTunes.
When importing music into iTunes, sometimes iTunes does not update the playback position of the track very frequently.  When this happens, BitPerfect can sometimes detect a difference between the position it is playing and what iTunes is playing.  When this happens when importing music, BitPerfect misinterprets the difference as a request to seek in the track, thus causing a skip or stutter.  With each new version of BitPerfect, we try to improve upon this, so keep in touch and let us know if you run into this problem.

  • I have an AirPlay device or want to transmit sound to my Airport Express, will BitPerfect work with it?
AirPlay is only supported under OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion).

  • I have another kind of wireless sound device, will BitPerfect work with it? 
    If your wireless sound device can be selected as an output device in BitPerfect's preferences it should work.  For instance, the Audio Engine AW1 is compatible with BitPerfect.

  •  The BitPerfect menu says it is playing 24/44.1 but my file is 16/44.1
The menu is showing what format is being sent to the DAC.  This can be different from the format of the file being played if the DAC does not support 16-bit data, or if BitPerfect determines that the DAC prefers 24-bit data.  This is the case with many high-end DACs and it does not compromise bit perfect output.

  • Can I use Integer Mode? 
    Integer Mode is only available under OS/X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and 10.9 (Mavericks), and then only if your DAC supports it.  With OS/X 10.7 (Lion), and 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Apple discontinued support for Integer Mode.  If your version of OS/X does not support Integer Mode, this option will be greyed out.

  •  Playback has stopped, but BitPerfect's icon is still green.  Why won't it release the DAC?
iTunes has three distinct states – Playing, Paused, and Stopped – but its main play button only toggles between Play and Pause.  There is no Stop button as such!  It only enters the Stopped state at the end of a playlist.  When iTunes is in the Paused state, BitPerfect does not release control of the output device (there are good reasons for this).  If you need BitPerfect to release the DAC, you can put iTunes into the Stopped state by selecting "Control|Stop" from iTunes' main menu, or by selecting Stop from BitPerfect's status bar icon.

  •  Can I play music that I have bought from the iTunes Store which contain DRM (Digital Management Rights)?
No.  BitPerfect cannot play any tracks which have DRM.  BitPerfect hands all these back to iTunes for playback.  Tracks with DRM usually have the file extension ".m4p".

  •  Why does BitPerfect no longer appear in my list of Apps purchased from the App Store?
Here is one possible explanation: http://www.kieranlane.com/2012/12/01/app-store-purchases-not-showing-missing

  •  I've found a bug.  How do I get in touch with you?
Send me an e-mail at support(at)bitperfectsound(dot)com

  • Where did you get that awesome icon?
The Icon was designed by Doug Stewart of designbyadmiral.com