Friday 15 February 2013

BitPerfect 1.0.6 Released!

BitPerfect version 1.0.6 has now been released to the App Store.  It is a free upgrade for all existing BitPerfect users.  Version 1.0.6 is a maintenance release.
  • Grey out Integer Mode check box when the device / OS doesn't support it 
  • Detect and avoid certain gapless glitches caused by iTunes 
  • Improved tooltips 
  • Stop hog Airplay Devices checkbox from showing in Snow Leopard / Lion 
  • Fix a crash on 32-bit CPU macs 
  • Fix 64-bit iTunes start up error on Snow Leopard 
  • Fix up/down sampling to work by multiple powers of 2, not just 2x 
  • Fix Mountain Lion crash 
  • Fix an intermittent problem with iTunes communication in Lion / Mountain Lion 
  • Fix icon colour after iTunes exits 
  • Fix playing at wrong sample rate if DAC cannot be configured correctly 
  • Option to turn off Gapless Playback