Monday 26 August 2013

A first-hand lesson in Social Media

Leonardo Gonçalves is a popular Brazilian musician.  He has nearly 300,000 "likes" on his FaceBook page.  So what does that mean, compared to - at the time of writing - BitPerfect's 353 "likes"?  Well, two days ago he posted a short note on his FaceBook page, containing some kind words about BitPerfect.  The original is in Portuguese, but he has provided me with an English translation which I post below:

"I don't know how many of you 'seriously' listen to music on your computers;  I mean 'seriously' as in really paying attention to what you are listening to, trying to get a hold and the best possible source (WAV and maybe even high definition audio instead of mp3), also in terms of execution and what kind of monitors and/or earphones you use.

I also don't know how many of you use iTunes to organize your library and listen to music.

This tip goes to the maybe small group of people who fit both descriptions.  BitPerfect is a relatively cheap and user friendly program that instantaneously improves the audio quality of what you are listening to, once activated.

Do like their FaceBook page, do some research on the program.  I use and recommend it."

That's it.  Well, it seems that when Leonardo speaks, his fans listen.  Since that post, BitPerfect has had 54 new likes, of which 52 seem to be Brazilian.  It remains to be seen how many of those will follow up with a purchase of BitPerfect, but to BitPerfect's new Brazilian fan base I have this to say (courtesy of Google Translations!):  "Bem-vindo à família BitPerfect. Nosso objetivo na vida para fazer a reprodução de música de alta qualidade disponível para as massas com o menor custo possível. Se você ouvir música no equipamento que custa tanto como um Ferrari, ou tanto quanto uma bicicleta usada, acreditamos que BitPerfect não vai estar fora do lugar."

For those of you who might like to listen to Leonardo Gonçalves, here is a link to a YouTube collection of some of his videos.  The man has an excellent voice!