Sunday 15 September 2013

For Sale - Stello U3


We are selling our Stello U3 USB-to-SPDIF converter.  We bought it for our evaluation bench a little over 18 months ago.  We have been using the U3 whenever we evaluate a new DAC which supports a more limited range of sample rates over USB than over S/PDIF.  These days, there is no reason for anybody to do that any more.

The Stello U3 has proven itself to be at least the equal of anything similar we have evaluated at up to three times the price, and in conjunction with DAC hardware up to and including the Light Harmonic Da Vinci.  If you have a legacy DAC which is designed to give its best performance over a AES/EBU or Coaxial S/PDIF interface, you should be using a device such as the Stello U3.  The Stello connects to the Computer's USB output, and delivers the audio signal via your choice of AES/EBU or Coaxial S/PDIF.

Our U3 unit is in mint condition.  It only comes out of its box when needed for testing purposes.  We are offering it for sale in its original packaging for US$300, plus shipping.  (We are located in Montreal, Canada, so you can estimate shipping costs accordingly.)

If you are interested, please e-mail me.

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