Sunday 17 November 2013

A phenomenal offer from Cookie Marenco of Blue Coast Records!!

California-based Blue Coast Records is a pioneering producer of downloadable DSD recordings. Cookie insists that all her recordings are 100% analog to DSD encodings, with no intermediate PCM conversions in any form. This is quite important, because it means that all mixing, panning, fading, etc has to be done entirely in the analog domain since the DSD format does not enable this to be done in the digital domain.

Blue Coast's DSD offerings are mostly recorded in her own studio, using a methodology she refers to as "ESE" (Extended Sound Environment). These are some of the finest recordings you will ever own. Cookie also sells a very limited selection of recordings from other studios whose work meets her exacting requirements. A long-standing personal history with Sony means that she is now able to offer a selection of Mahler symphonies recorded by The San Francisco Symphony, conducted by Michael Tilson Thomas. At the moment, symphonies 1, 2, 4 and 7 are offered, and it is to be hoped that this will be expanded in due course to the whole cycle.

Typically, these specialist recordings are very, very expensive. We're looking at $50 - $75 here. But for the month of November, Cookie is making Mahler's 7th Symphony available for ONLY $12. That's right, a stunning, no-compromise DSD download of a Mahler Symphony that typically comes on a double CD, for just 12 bucks. Your choice of original DSD or PCM (24/96 or 16/44). Please hurry to buy this before they rush her off in a straight-jacket for some recuperation time in a local "health spa".

At BitPerfect we love our Mahler. We worship it. Thank you Cookie!