Monday 10 March 2014

Minor Bug in BitPerfect 2.0

It appears there is a minor bug in BitPerfect 2.0.  We will issue an update with a fix pretty soon, but in the meantime, the work-around is very simple.

If you enable DSD support in BitPerfect 2.0, then every time you select a new DAC as your Audio Output Device, BitPerfect will ask if it supports DSD.  However, if the currently selected Audio Output Device supports DSD this dialog is never executed and so the existing Device remains flagged as not supporting DSD.  This is only a problem if it DOES support DSD - because BitPerfect will not then play DSD through it.  Comprende?

The solution is to go into BitPerfect’s Preferences window and select another device - AirPlay or the Built-In Output will do - and then go back and select your main DAC.  Now, if this DAC has the basic capability needed to support DSD (i.e. it supports 24/176 or 24/352) it will ask if it supports DSD, and you will be good to go.

We need to execute this dialog on the currently selected Audio Output Device when DSD Support is first enabled.