Tuesday 28 October 2014

AirPlay Still Good

It has been a week now since I put my AppleTV in its box and took it back to the Apple Store.  Unfortunately, I was told I needed an appointment to receive an audience with a “Genius” in order to get it seen to, and nobody was available.  Since this involves a 45-minute drive through the West Island’s lethal road construction, I haven’t been back yet.

The upside is that I have had a week without an AppleTV in my system, and during that week AirPlay playback has been flawless, provided I followed the (revised for Yosemite) procedure I described last week.  That’s three systems - a 2014 RMPB, a 2013 bare-bones Mac Mini, and a 2009 MBP.  All running Yosemite, all working just fine, first time, every time, with AirPlay.

I thought that was worth reporting.

I now have my new AppleTV from the Apple Store.  To find out what happened when I installed it in the system, read on here.