Wednesday 23 October 2013

Integer Mode Is Back!!

Now that OS/X Mavericks has been released, we can finally announce something we have known since the summer, but have been forbidden from disclosing. After a two year absence under Lion and Mountain Lion, Integer Mode is back again with OS/X Mavericks, and BitPerfect 1.0.8 already includes the software necessary to support it. 


We have been using Integer Mode under BitPerfect 1.0.8 (and also using our own pre-release betas) since early summer, ever since we received the first pre-release betas of Mavericks. Both Mavericks itself, and its Integer Mode functionality under BitPerfect have been totally problem-free.


We are therefore confident that BitPerfect Users can upgrade to Mavericks. 


Be aware that not all DACs support Integer Mode.  And I don't know of anybody out there who is maintaining an up-to-date list of Integer Mode compatible DACs, so please do not ask me for advice on that subject :)