Thursday 24 October 2013

iTunes 11.1.2

It has taken me longer than usual to finally pronounce on iTunes 11.1.2, but here I am. I wanted to take a little longer, because a very small number of users have posted on our FaceBook page, and also through the e-mail support line, that they have encountered unexpected problems after installing the combination of OS/X Mavericks and iTunes 11.1.2.

Here at BitPerfect I have been running that combination for two days solid and have not had a single problem. Furthermore, one or two of those users who did encounter problems have reported that these problems have suddenly vanished.

On balance, therefore, I don't really see any good reason why you should not all make the update if you want to. I suspect, by the way, although I am not certain about this, that if you upgrade to OS/X Mavericks, you might get iTunes 11.1.2 as part of the package, whether you want it or not.